Solutions for Small Living Room Furniture

With both population and living expenses on the rise, more and more people are finding themselves living in small affordable spaces. Studios and lofts are the latest trend leaving the occupant with an open empty canvas to fill.

Small homes simply have rooms that are missing the necessary square footage to bring in whatever we please.

At first decorating your small home may feel like an overwhelming task, but don't despair, it's not nearly as hard as you imagine. There are a variety of space saving living room furniture options that will simplify your approach toward decorating your small space.


Small Living Room Sofas Finding the right space saver sofa was once an near impossible task. However, today there are so many options to choose from that your biggest challenge will be finding the right one.

Consider an apartment sofa, a convertible sofa and a sectional sofa to start. All options are perfect for small homes for one reason or another.

Whether it's a small or large sofa that you seek or a sofa with dual-functionality, finding the perfect space saver sofa is no longer an impossible task.

Coffee Tables

Small Living Room Coffee Tables Coffee tables will give you a wide array to choose from. Most often used as an accent piece that sits in front of the sofa, there are a variety of styles to suit the look you want in your small living space.

Because we like small furnishings to serve more than one purpose, coffee tables can be found with shelves or small cabinets to offer plenty of storage space for other items in your home.

This especially refers to storage coffee tables with lift-tops that will allow you to store plenty of your belongings inside.

Sofa Tables

Small Living Room Sofa Tables Sofa tables are an excellent choice when the room allows. Taller than the average coffee table, these are about the same height as the back of your sofa.

They are a fantastic place to display family photos and the two pieces together can even work as a room divider if your home is one that needs to have open spaces defined.

They are a splendid place to put a lamp to make reading much easier while seated on the sofa.


Small Living Room Chairs If you're flexible on style and color, you can pretty much follow the same suggestions above regarding sofas. The color of chairs should be light and airy and it will instantly give a small room the illusion of extra space.

However, if you love darker colors, don't toss them out in favor of a color and style that you hate. These are simply suggestions not die-hard rules and your place should be a labor of love.

Some suggestions are to keep the lines of these pieces simple. Modern design is one of the best for small spaces, but if it's not for you, there are any number of furniture pieces that are simply stated and don't look overstuffed.

That is one of the things that manufacturers have taken note of and since then they've produced more items that will fit well in small spaces. Chairs are one example of them.

TV Stands

Small Living Room TV Stands TV stands are a must in living rooms unless you simply don't care for watching television. Today's light and thin LCD models require very little in the way of a stand to hold them.

The base of these sets is quite small and will fit on almost anything. Above all else you'll need to consider where to place the set so that it won't be easily knocked over.

Stands come with shelves that will station your DVD player and any other components that come with your set.

End Tables

Small Living Room End Tables Often end tables can be considered a necessary nuisance. They are useful for holding lamps, photos and novelty items. Yet even these pieces can be found in sizes that will complement your decor without taking up too much room.

Some end tables will serve your most basic needs by storing your snacks. Others will have shelves, which will allow you to store items other than snacks and others will offer nesting end tables that will cater to a larger party of people.

There are a vast amount of small end tables that will nestle comfortably between your sofa, fit snugly into a corner or simply provide you with dual-functionality. The hardest decision you'll have to make is deciding which end table to choose.


Small Living Room Ottomans Ottomans have been a mainstay in homes for years. Even before the advent of the recliner, the ottoman supplied a place where you could rest your legs after a hard days work.

They are most often covered in leathers or fabrics, so occasionally it can be a bit tricky finding one that goes with your decor.

Many have a top that flips open and remember if you can get anything that serves double duty, it will be right at home in your space.

The storage space will be more limited than with other pieces but it is a great place to put reading material, games, or that lap blanket that is so nice on a cold winters night.


Small Living Room Bookcases Bookcases can be the answer when you need to store multiple items. Depending on how it is laid out, it can hold your television and all of its components with room left over to place any number of things.

The shelves can be all alike or they can be staggered throughout the piece into different sized cubicles.

Most, if not all bookcases, can also be used as room dividers and act as makeshift walls to separate specific zones in a room.


Small Living Room Fireplaces Fireplaces can be easily added to your abode. Many of them are miniatures of models we have seen for years.

Rather than an open flame, these units are typically run off electricity, but the look of hot logs and flames will have you believing that this is the real thing.

Many are supplied with fans to blow the added heat out into the room. What could be nicer on a cool night?