Solutions on Small Nightstands for Small Bedrooms

If you are not lucky enough to have a spacious master suite, small nightstands are a great idea.

Thanks to their space-saving design, these nightstands take up little floor space while still giving you must-have bedroom storage and organization space.

The most common types of small nightstands include wall-mounted nightstands, nesting tables and end tables. However, there are also other alternatives you'll want to consider. Let's talk about your options now.

Wall-Mounted Nightstands

Small Nightstands for Small Spaces If your bedroom lacks floor space, but you want attractive bedside tables, consider buying a set of wall-mounted nightstands.

These small nightstands are typically modern in appearance and come in several sleek finishes. Many wall-mounted nightstands have backs consisting of keyhole slots where the table can be attached.

For durability, these nightstands are usually covered in a laminate material. Since these tables attach to the wall, instead of sit on the floor, you will have more room on the floor to store other items such as boxes and trunks.

Nesting Tables

Small Nightstands for Small Spaces When you live in a small condominium or apartment, you are probably lacking on valuable space.

Therefore, you have to use the space you have in creative ways. Nesting tables are a great option because you will be able to tuck the smaller ones inside of the bigger ones, giving you much more floor space.

And when you need the extra table-top area, they can be extended out. These versatile, stylish tables work wonders when you have guests over and you need to provide additional tables for eating or entertaining while allowing you to be space conscious when visitors have left.

End Tables

Small Nightstands for Small Spaces End tables can serve as small nightstands too. The measurements for each are pretty much the same, which makes them easily interchangeable.

Simply shop for an end table that you think will look great placed next to a bed.

The wonderful thing about end tables is the options can be vast, so you're not limited on choices.

You can opt for something narrow and deep, like a chairside end table, something round like a drum table, or a choice with built in features like an end table with a magazine rack included.

Corner Tables

Small Nightstands for Small Spaces When it comes to saving space and adding a decorative touch to any room, corner tables are an excellent choice.

These tables are designed to fit perfectly in any corner of a room. These are the choice when you have a free corner in your room and you want to go with when you need a small nightstand but standard nightstands aren't possible.

There are several choices but you may want to select one that's unfinished so that you can have the freedom to decide the color or stain you wish to go with for your room.

Rolling Nightstands

Small Nightstands for Small Spaces Rolling Nightstands are the perfect option when you need a nightstand that's mobile.

These work great because you can move them around a room or from room to room whenever you need to.

This can be an idea scenario in a studio apartment or other small space that relies heavily on convertible and mobile furniture in order to be functional.

Also opt for a small nightstand that provides storage space so that you can clear clutter in your small room and keep it neat and tidy.

Telephone Tables

Small Nightstands for Small Spaces If you need an usually narrow table to serve as a nightstand, telephone tables are a good choice to go with since they utilize vertical space very well.

The downside is that they provide less space to place much needed items on top.

However, the upside is that you can purchase one with cabinets, shelves and drawers which will provide a small amount of storage space for small items that can aid in cluttering up your bedroom.

Dining Chairs or Bar Stools

Small Nightstands for Small Spaces Other useful options include using a dining room chair or bar stool to create a makeshift nightstand or end table.

Simply place a book or two on top of the chair and you can set a lamp, cup or alarm clock on top.

The good news is using a chair or a bar stool as an end table can make a small bedroom seem larger than it is due to the fact that bar stools and chairs are narrow options that utilize a lot of vertical space.

However, keep in mind that there's not much surface space to allow you to place many items, so it's a trade-off. In the end, this option may only appeal to you if you don't have many items to work with.
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