Solutions on Small Quilt Racks for Small Bedrooms

Got a lot of blankets and not enough room to store them? No problem, small quilt racks are the perfect solution.

Blanket racks not only save you space but they also offer you a way to bring all elements together, display beautiful blankets and create an excellent focal point in your room.

The good news is that there are a variety of blanket racks on the market. So, you can choose one that suits your small space perfectly.

Blanket racks also offer you a great way to keep cherished keepsakes from potential damage while storing and displaying your favorite quilts, Afghans, comforters and more.

Blanket Hangers

Small Quilt Racks If you need a simple solution on where to hang your blankets, the closet is an ideal location.

However, the dilemma can be finding the right hanger to hang heavier items such as blankets, comforters, quilts and more.

This is where blanket hangers come into play. These small quilt racks offer you an easy way to hang your items discreetly in your closet.

Simply fold up the blanket and slip it on the open end of the hanger and place it wherever you like in your closet.

If you have a selection of blankets that need to be hung up and stowed out of the way, then purchase as many hangers as you like to accomodate your specific needs.

Wall-Mounted Quilt Racks

Small Quilt Racks Wall-mounted quilt racks are a wonderful choice if a freestanding option is too bulky and you need something that won't take up a significant amount of floor space. Mount these on the wall, hang your blankets up and you're good to go.

The great thing about wall-mounted quilt racks is they can be used in almost any room with ample space. Consider the kitchen, entryway or hallway and of course, the bedroom.

These small quilt racks are good if you want an affordable solution that's akin to a tapestry. A wall-mounted choice that will imitate the look and feel of a picture.

Simply drape the blanket over the wall rack and display your talents if you made the blanket yourself. Offer guests who might stop by, a warm and inviting picture to gaze upon from across the room.

You'll find that many wall quilt racks come with shelving space, so that means you can utilize additional storage space above the rack by storing books, picture frames, and other small trinkets on it.

Door-Mounted Quilt Racks

Small Quilt Racks If a wall-mounted option isn't what you're interested in, then you can opt for a door-mounted blanket rack instead.

Place the door-mounted quilt rack on almost any door throughout your home.

Use it in more than one place and this will offer you the option to hang multiple blankets up in various locations around your house.

Smaller blankets, throws and similar items can be rolled up and slipped into a blanket rack cubby organizers.

Compact Quilt Racks

Small Quilt Racks When other options are out of the question and you don't have the room for a standard freestanding quilt rack, then a compact quilt rack is the best choice for you.

These lighter, smaller alternatives allow you to have the best of both worlds—a way to display your blankets and a way to conserve space.

Not only that, they make the perfect towel racks.

So, if you stopping using these as a blanket rack, you can place one in the corner of your bathroom or along your wall and hang your towels on it. And if it comes with a storage shelf, feel free to place bathroom supplies, such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions and other items on it.

Freestanding Quilt Racks

Small Quilt Racks Freestanding quilt racks are simple and useful alternatives for small spaces if other options aren't quite right for you.

Perhaps hanging blankets in your closet or drilling holes into walls or doors isn't a possibility for you and you just need a simple option that will store and display your blankets without having to deal with a mountable solution. If that's the case, then freestanding quilt racks will solve your problem.

These small quilt racks work wonderfully because they not only allow you to store more blankets than their wall-mounted counterparts, but in many cases they can hold more weight, so that means you can put heavier blankets on them versus a wall-mounted alternative.

To further the advantages, opt for a freestanding quilt rack that holds blankets in the back and front and you'll find you've got a lot of storage space in a relatively small area.
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