Small Sofa Tables - Space Saving Living Room Tips and Solutions

Small sofa tables work fabulous in small homes. However, you may be wondering why sofa tables are called such. It's because they are usually paired with lounge furniture, such as sofas.

But nowadays they have evolved from simple side tables to presentable pieces that look good in themselves. This selection of small sofa tables can be used in different situations, but will fit perfectly in small spaces.

Storage Sofa Tables

Small Sofa Tables Storage sofa tables are a great way to defeat the onset of clutter in your small home.

They can add a touch of class to your living room be used as centerpieces to display a myriad of items. But of course their main benefit regarding saving space are their storage compartments.

The many uses of these small sofa tables include storing books, CDs, DVDs, writing items and magazines. One top you can use them to display family photos, lamps, silk or live plants and knickknacks.

Half Moon Sofa Tables

Small Sofa Tables Half moon sofa tables can be used in a number of spaces due to their diminutive size.

Naturally, it is the perfect choice as a sofa table but you needn't stop there. The arrays of materials that these tables are made of make them an attraction throughout the home.

Besides placing them in front of the sofa, these delightful tables can be used as end tables. Place one in the entry to your home and you have a great place to drop your car keys and other small essentials.

Put these small sofa tables anywhere space permits in the home and they make a surface that can be used to place family photos or other collectible items that you may have.

If you are also looking for items that provide additional space in the home for storage, look for these tables with drawers. Some can even be found with small cupboards below the tabletop. What better way to keep TV guides or remote controls handy but out of the way.

Expandable Sofa Tables

Small Sofa Tables Expandable sofa tables are the perfect space saving solution when you need function as well as style.

They'll likely be a favorite among studio apartments and other one-room living options, due to their ability to convert into a larger-sized table which can be used as a dining table, card table or even desk.

This is ideal when you can fit a standard dining table in your home and if you want the option of providing guests with a place to dine when they drop by for a visit.

Several expandable tables exist that you can choose from. Consider a flip-top sofa table, a drop leaf sofa table or a butterfly leaf sofa table. However, the flip-top sofa table is sure to be a favorite among the three choices.

Drop Leaf Sofa Tables

Small Sofa Tables When you don't want to store your sofa table completely out of sight and just want to have a little more space and maneuverability with them, drop leaf sofa tables are your next best bet.

They are much smaller than expandable tables, which already make them more lightweight and portable. You can carry them around with little help and you can stack more inside a car.

They are perfect for placement in corners or by the walls, and will look good by the side of the bed as well.

Corner Sofa Tables

Small Sofa Tables When you do not have the space for a conventional-sized table, a corner sofa table is exactly what you need.

When space is at a minimum, a corner sofa table can fit snuggly up against the wall on two sides taking up unused space and allowing for more open floor space.

These small sofa tables are available in a myriad of sizes there is one made to fit the needs of the small home or apartment. They are endlessly functional in many areas of the home.

As an accent piece next to a sofa or chair, a place to hold a lamp in the bedroom, or add a touch of class to a small hallway the corner table has an endless list of uses.
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