Solutions on Small Space Beds for Small Rooms

Small space beds. That simple phrase can bring fear among anyone living in a small room. It's the largest piece of furniture that you are going to have to deal with.

And the idea of finding the right space saving bed that will fit in your small room seems down near impossible. But it's not.

The good news is there are a lot of options for you to consider. Options that help you save space and options that give the illusion of space saved. Whatever situation you face, there is a solution. So, let's talk about them now...

Platform Beds

Beds for Small Spaces The standard platform bed is a great storage option just as the storage bed is.

The appeal with these beds is minimalism. These small space beds provide a simple sleeping solution without dominating a bedroom--especially a small one.

Low profile beds are also worth considering. The differing factor with low profile beds and platform beds is the the look and feel of the beds and mainly that some low profile beds require a box spring.


Beds for Small Spaces Dating back to the 17th century, the daybed provided seating in the daytime and a place to recline during the night hours.

These small space beds are still used today and when not in use as sleeping quarters, you can add a few decorative throw pillows, 2 bolster pillows to recreate the affect fuller arms along the sides and along with a daybed bedding.

This mimics the look and feel of a sofa and no one would ever guess it was used as a bed at night.

Pieces like this are great for overnight guests or when living in a space so small there actually is no separate room that can be designated as the bedroom.

Bunk Beds

Beds for Small Spaces When you mention the words bunk beds, most will automatically think of beds that sit one upon the other. These would be considered traditional bunks but now they can be arranged in many different manners.

If space allows these small space beds can be butted together in a corner with a handy table or stand between the headboards that hold the alarm clock or any other bedroom necessities.

Other bunks, if you are still thinking of stacking beds come with trundle beds. It looks like one bed by itself but below the mattress a second bed is hidden away.

Simply slide it out and you have another bed in no time at all.

Storage Beds

Beds for Small Spaces Whether twin or full sized, the storage bed is a great small space bed for any small bedroom. One of the most needed things in a small home is storage because that is one other thing that it can often be lacking.

Making the choice of a storage bed for your room instantly adds more storage space and can help you easily do away with a dresser.

Instead below the mattress you will find drawers the pull out and you can use them to store your clothes or other any other item you see fit.

Out of season clothing, spare blankets, clean sheets. They all work well in these spaces.

Convertible Beds

Beds for Small Spaces I remember as a watching cartoons youngster and being engulfed with laughter at the mishaps that would take place while getting a Murphy bed put away in the wall. It usually ended up with the occupant being closed up along with the bed.

Whoever would have thought that something that was once so comical could now be put to such good use?

When you are really cramped, a small space bed that stows away into a wall pocket could be considered nothing less than a modern day miracle.

There is even no worry if you are running late and have no time to make the bed! The convertible bed works on pretty much the same premise but rather than folding it into the wall it folds into another piece of furniture.

Chairs, loveseats, and regular sofas can all have convertible beds that hide away from view.


Beds for Small Spaces Futons, not to be confused with convertible sofas, are chairs or couches that fold down into beds. It will have small wooden or metal arms or perhaps none at all. It is a batting filled unit that is covered with a durable cloth and can also have a cover that can be removed for washing.

The idea of the futon came to us from the Orient where space was always limited in the home.

It had no frame to set in but rather it was rolled out at night for sleeping and rolled up each morning to give family members room to move about.

The wonderful thing about small space beds like futons is that they come in various sizes so you're not just limited to a full-sized or single-sized option.

You can also opt for a queen-sized solution which works wonders for couples forced to live in tiny bedroom quarters.

The difference between a futon and convertible sofa is that futons come with a separate mattress and convertible sofas have the filling built into the sofa. When a mattress for a futon wears down, all you have to do is purchase another. The same goes for the futon cover.

However, the filling and upholstery to a convertible sofa aren't easily replaced and may require that you have them professionally re-upholsterd and re-stuffed. However, throws and slipcovers may be a quick fix-it solution to cover up cosmetic blemishes.

Take note that convertible sofas are typically firmer and less comfortable than futons so they can maintain shape and support under high volumes of heavy amounts of sleeping and sitting.
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