Small Space Coffee Tables for Small Living Rooms

There are a variety of small space coffee tables. Finding one for just about any small space shouldn't be a problem. The once you choose is of course based on the amount of space you have in your home. Function is also key.

Whether you dine alone or tend to have guests over will also make a difference in the type of coffee table you choose.

The best way to go about it is to make a checklist of all the things that are important to you as well as you daily routines and needs.

From there you can choose the coffee table that scores highest points on your checklist...

Lift-Top Coffee Tables

Small Space Coffee Tables Lift-top coffee tables have the same benefits as adjustable height coffee tables, with the exception that these small space coffee tables are generally built to serve as both a coffee table and a desk.

Whereas an adjustable height coffee table is constructed specifically serve as a dining and coffee table.

But in spite of that, lift-top coffee tables can also be used as dining tables as well, regardless of its intended purpose. Choosing between an adjustable height coffee table and lift-top coffee table in the end is a matter of preference.

Compact Coffee Tables

Small Space Coffee Tables Compact coffee tables are generally around 30 inches wide or less. The sizes that cater specifically to small spaces range between 19-25 inches.

So if you're specifically looking for a compact-sized coffee table with no additional features, then, in most cases you'll want to go for one that's 25 inches or smaller (in width and depth or circumference).

It's also a good idea to focus your attention on round and glass coffee tables if you want to keep space open and allow the eye to continue to flow throughout the room. However, choosing small space coffee tables with these features isn't a requirement but rather a choice.

The main goal with really small furniture is to make sure it's scaled to look appropriate in your small home. If you have larger furniture in your home, something too small can look out of place. So in some cases, something a little larger isn't necessarily bad.

Here's a breakdown of great choices to choose from...

Storage Coffee Tables

Small Space Coffee Tables Storage coffee tables are perfect if you need a storage unit in the form of a coffee table. Placed in an office, you can store anything inside from pens, letters, notepads, files and paper reams inside.

Placed in a studio apartment, you can store anything from undergarments, blankets, towels, sheets, kitchen utensils and keys inside of it.

Stationed in a living room, you can store anything from, remote controls, books, DVDs and games inside of your storage coffee table.

The versatility and function of a storage coffee table is based solely on where you place it and what function you assign to it. They key word is versatility. If it's not obvious by now, storage coffee tables can be a vessel for storing both conventional and unconventional items in just about any room you deem suitable.

If you're short on storage space, this is where you can reclaim it. Or if you simply need additional storage space, this is where you can find it. Whatever the case, you'll find storage coffee tables offer a great deal of range.

Nesting Coffee Tables

Small Space Coffee Tables Nesting coffee tables are compact coffee tables that are grouped vertically, one beneath the other to allow you to storage multiple tables in a compact space. These small space coffee tables are typically 25" inches wide or smaller and can be purchased as a set or individually.

They tend to work well in a small space because they help keep space open and allow the eye to continue to flow through the room without interruption. You can station them tightly together or space them a few inches apart.

Bunching coffee tables are generally grouped in sets of twos but there's nothing stopping you from creating a larger group of three or four, should you need to.

Simple Coffee Tables

Small Space Coffee Tables Saving actual space in a small home isn't necessarily what every small home goer is looking for. Saving visual space may be the most important factor. In cases like this, simple coffee tables (aka modern coffee tables) are an ideal option.

Finding the perfect simple coffee table is easy if you know what to look for. Many coffee tables provide too much visual clutter to be classified as a simple coffee table.

The goal is to remove the features that get in the way to keep space open in your home. Once you know what those features are, you'll be an old pro at not only finding a beautiful coffee table that complements your decor but one that also makes your small space look bigger than it really is.

Adjustable-Height Coffee Tables

Small Space Coffee Tables Adjustable height coffee tables have two possible options. The primary option is to adjust to the height of the table, thereby turning it into a dining table.

So if you live in a studio apartment, loft or similar type location, a coffee table that converts into a dining table would be ideal. It's also possible to not only get one that adjusts in height, but one that also extends. This will allow you to accommodate a larger party when you need to and a smaller party as well.

Although the primary construction for this table is to use it as a coffee table or dining table, additional possibilities include using it as a writing desk or computer desk.

Motion Coffee Tables

Small Space Coffee Tables Swivel-tops or motion coffee tables also work well due to their ability to open up into a larger size and rotate back in to something more compact.

Not all of these small space coffee tables do this but it's possible to find a decent amount that do.

They also provide similar advantages as bunching coffee tables (see below) due to the table-tops being constructed as separate components of a whole unit.

This breaks up positive space and tends to trick the eye into believing there's more space than there is.

Fold-Out Coffee Tables

Small Space Coffee Tables Expandable coffee tables, which are also known as flip-top coffee tables, offer a lot of advantages if you're looking for relatively large coffee tables that can reduce down to a considerably smaller size.

Typically, the top lifts open to create a surface that's double in size. There are occasions in which it can extend from the side and offer additional surface space.

These can be useful for you if you plan to entertain guests and need additional table space upon their arrival. Aside from that, you might also find expandable coffee tables useful for gaming.

Coffee Tables with Seating

Small Space Coffee Tables Coffee tables with ottomans are a great option if you're short on seating space and you'd like to use your coffee table for guests when they arrive.

This can be highly advantageous to you if you often entertain a small or large party and want to provide places for guests to sit without compromising space in your small home.

With the seating you can also consider using these small space coffee tables as a low-height dining table if space is truly tight or limited.

Coffee Table Alternatives

Small Space Coffee Tables Sometimes you don't need a coffee table, but a coffee table alternative, which will offer similar benefits to a coffee table, but perform a different function or add an additional function.

These alternative solutions are often slimmer, take up less space and can be placed to the left or right of your sofa as opposed to being centrally placed like most coffee tables.

Portable solutions also exist and can fold down and be stowed away if you only need a temporary solution and you want something really space-conservative.
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