Solutions on Small Towel Warmers for Small Spaces

Small towel warmers are one of the most pleasant items a person can own. There is nothing as refreshing as wrapping yourself in a warm towel when getting out of the bath on a cold winter's day.

Available in sizes to suit every small home, small home owners are now able to have all of the amenities of people that reside in much larger spaces.

There is very little, if anything, that has not been made to fit in with smaller quarters, but still provide all of the benefits that everyone else can take advantage of.

Wall-Mounted Towel Holders

Small Towel Warmers The wall-mounted towel holder is a small towel warmer with a unique design that allows for hanging multiple towels while taking up a minimum amount of space. These units fit close to the wall and even when all the rungs are full with folded towels, the radiant heat keeps them dry and warm.

In the small bath, this extra warmth can remove the chill that permeates the room when it is dependant on radiant heat from an adjoining space. When moisture is removed, so is the likelihood of mold and mildew.

With each subsequent use, there is nothing but a fresh towel to greet you. These units can be hardwired by an electrician, or simply plugged into the wall. Regardless of how you connect your unit to an electrical supply, it will provide many years of comfort for you and your family.

Towel Warmer Shelves

Small Towel Warmers For the smallest of spaces there is the towel warmer shelf. These small towel warmers attach to the wall and can be easily placed where you feel they best suit the layout of the room.

Plug your small towel warmer into a standard electrical outlet to get it going. And yes, it may be small but that does not take away from the number of towels a towel warmer shelf can warm. Rolled and placed on the bottom self, bath-size towels are heated and ready for use when you want them.

Hand towels or washcloths can rest nicely on the upper shelves. Some towel warmer shelves will come with a built-in timer which makes them easy to use and prepares items for use during any time of the day or night.

Towel Warmer Racks and Shelving

Small Towel Warmers Towel warmer racks and shelving are both energy-efficient and styled for those that want shelves and bars. If you want a combo unit, then towel warm racks and shelving are exactly what you are looking for. Hardwired for the best in efficiency, nothing offers more ease of use.

Many are thermostat-controlled and can be programmed for an entire week and supply you with heated towels exactly when you want them. It is like having an invisible maid or valet in your bath, enveloping you in warmth as you step from the shower or bathtub.

Many come with multiple bars and allow for the placement of more towels which is exactly what the larger family needs. Additional shelving will keep face-cloths at a fixed temperature or offer the same to hand towels.

Freestanding Towel Warmers

Small Towel Warmers When floor space allows, freestanding towel warmers serve their purpose as well as their competitors.

The good news is many of them can be used as wall-mountable towel warmers as well as freestanding towel warmers. If you opt for using one as a freestanding warmer, choosing a lightweight model will allow you to easily move it around your home whenever necessary.

You can use your small towel warmer in the kitchen and put it to good use by placing damp dish towels on it to dry. Take your towel warmer to the laundry and you have the perfect drying element for items too delicate to place in the dryer.

The occupant of a small space likes nothing better than an item that does double or even triple-duty.
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