Solutions on Small Treadmills for Apartments

Small apartments require small treadmills, but finding the right option can be somewhat challenging.

Not all treadmills are created equally and different strokes for different folks, so there are some important points to keep in mind so that you pick the best choice for your situation and don't later regret the decision you've made.

Manual vs. Electric?

Small Treadmills for Apartments Two types of treadmills exist, manual and electric, and I can say I've used both in my lifetime and will always prefer an electric version over a manual one.

Budget, the desire to conserve energy or and possibly reduce noise, may be some of the deciding factors between why someone would choose a manual treadmill.

Though the other concerns may be valid, manual choices, in my opinion, are no quieter than their electric counterparts.

If you don't know what manual treadmills are by now, manual treadmills are non-electric versions that run based on gravity--a steep incline to be exact.

When you get on the treadmill and step on the belt and begin walking, the uphill battle you face to keep walking on the belt is what keeps you moving.

So if you don't like walking up a slight hill on a continuous basis, you won't like manual treadmills. However, if you like this type of workout, then a manual option is a possibility for you.

Electric Treadmills

Today with the prices of manual and electric treadmills being so close together, if you really love the idea of an electric treadmill, then it's worth your while to save up the extra $100-200 for the option you dream of, rather than settling for second best.

Typically, electric treadmills will give you the option to incline your treadmill, so that if you want a steep workout then you can choose to have one and if not, then you've have the choice to decline.

Fold-Away Options Maximize Space

Small Treadmills for Apartments It's not enough that compact treadmills exist. In small homes, leaving a treadmill stationed permanently in the middle of a room is a choice you may not have.

Instead the option of getting a treadmill may impossible if there isn't some way you can't store it in a compact position.

This is the point where having a treadmill that folds up can make the difference between having a great piece of exercise equipment and not having a piece of equipment at all.

With a folding option, you might be able to store it in your closet, under a bed or simply up next to a wall.

Look out for Weight Limitations

Small Treadmills for Apartments Keep in mind that some treadmills, because they are compact, tend to have weight limitations.

Most likely do, but the higher the quality of the treadmill, the less chance you have of concerning yourself with whether or not the treadmill will hold your weight if you're around 200-300 lbs.

Many compact treadmills will draw the line somewhere at 250 lbs., so it's important to know the weight limitation of any treadmill you plan to get before you get it.

This is also important because if you plan to run on the treadmill and your weight class is above weight the treadmill will hold, you risk breaking the treadmill and losing all of the hard earned money you put into buying it.

Are You Too Tall for a Small Treadmill?

Small Treadmills for Apartments Height is another concern with small treadmills. Taller people may have some issues with a treadmill that's relatively small, so it's important to concern yourself with how tall is too tall?

Anyone above 5'6" - 5'7" may really struggle with something too small. And even around that height range, it may be worth your while to confirm you won't be uncomfortable walking on something compact.

Again, running then becomes an issue because leg length and strides will be difficult to do without endangering yourself if the treadmill is too short to safely sprint on.

The truth is that some compact versions make it difficult for many people to run on. So be certain that the treadmill of interest matches your expectations.

Generally, if running is a required sport for you, be very careful where compact choices are concerned, as runners tend to be more displeased with simpler options than walkers.

The simpler your taste, the happier you'll likely be with something smaller since features are basic on smaller, less advanced choices.

Turn Your Treadmill into a Treadmill Desk

Small Treadmills for Apartments If weight loss and weight sustainability is vital in your life, you may be thinking about working while you walk. In that case, a treadmill desk may come to mind at some point during your exploration.

It's true that you can get treadmills that come with everything--the desk and all, but that scenario works best for people with big budgets and/or big homes. But what about the little folks and those of us who count every penny?

Treadmill desks are plausible even in small spaces. You just have to opt for something that is space-conservative like your treadmill.

Focus on something that will also fold flat and stow away when it's not in use. That way, again, vital floor space won't be hogged up permanently. For options like this, you don't need to walk fast for it to work. Slow and for long periods of time will do the trick.

This set up will work really well for the busy office professional looking to exercise while getting a lot of work done or someone who wants to get some great low-impact mileage in while taking care of business.

On the flip side, treadmill desks may hog up some of your walking space by pushing you further back. Be certain you're confident it will work with the treadmill you plan to buy before purchasing it.

If it does work, consider that converting it everyday may be a labor intensive ordeal, so make sure you can live happily with that decision too.
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