Small TV Stands for Small Spaces

Small TV stands—the idea of finding a small space TV stand can be daunting but believe it or not, there are a load of choices to choose from.

Not only that, if situated in the right place, a TV stand can actually be a very effective accent piece in a small spaced area.

TV stands can actually be a great multi-functional piece of furniture. Aside from TV shelving, it can also be utilized for storage for an array of items.

Books, magazines, drink coasters, and entertainment pieces can be concealed in a TV stand. Family photos, plants and knickknacks can be placed out in the open.

Because of the varied TV stands in the market, selecting the right stand for your space is a crucial decision. You need to select one that will make the most of the small space that you have.

Modular TV Stands

Modular TV Stands for Small Spaces Standard TV stands are great, but for small spaces, sometimes you need something that will really keep space open in your small home.

Modular TV stands will offer those advantages without limiting to you on space. With ample storage space, place all of your media equipment and DVDs on lower shelving.

Modular options work great in modern homes due to their contemporary design. Since everything is visible to the naked eye, just remember to keep items well organized in a neat fashion so that they don't become an eye sore.

Corner TV Stands

Corner TV Stands for Small Spaces Corner TV stands make it possible to fit large items in small spaces. Corner units also give you an additional location to place a TV when you run out of conventional space.

Either way, the good news is if you have a relatively large television that you feel is a space-hog, corner TV stands offer you a way to be space conscious and take care of your media needs.

Also keep round TV stands in mind. If a corner unit is too restrictive, a round corner unit will often offer the same advantages.

Round TV stands are a great fail-safe because they work well in both corners and along standard wall space. These small TV stands will allow you to have the best of both worlds.

Fireplace TV Stands

Fireplace TV Stands for Small Spaces When you want a fireplace and a TV stand combined, you get a fireplace TV stand. Like many other options, these small TV stands will save you a ton of space since you'll be eliminating an extra piece of furniture.

If you don't have room for a standard option, the good news is corner options also exist.

Even better, you can get a fireplace TV stand that will convert into a corner unit or standard unit via a back panel which collapses or opens up to fit corner walls or standard wall space.

This is a great choice if you find prefer transitional pieces of furniture that will meet your needs when your taste changes.

Wall TV Shelves

Wall TV Stands for Small Spaces Wall TV shelves are the answer if you need a compact floating solution that resembles a floor-model television stand.

Various options exist from wall-mounted shelving units to component shelving. Floating TV stands can provide you with the perfect solution if you find that floor options hog up too much space.

These small TV stands are an ideal solution if you'd like to display your TV and store various other media items. Choose the one that meets your needs the best.

Entertainment Centers

Entertainment TV Stands for Small Spaces Entertainment centers serve two purposes: allowing you to mount your TV on it instead of a wall and two, providing you with plenty of storage space for your media equipment.

Although this choice is much larger than other options the negatives are offset by the wealth of storage space included.

You can store a DVD player, DVR, stereo, speakers, DVDs, CDs, books, knickknacks, family photos and other memorabilia. They come in a variety of sizes which should help you pick one which will fit perfectly in your home.

TV Media Chests

TV Media Chests for Small Spaces TV Media chests offer similar advantages to TV armoires. You get a dresser and a TV stand combined.

However there are important differences. While TV armoires hide the TV behind closed doors, media chests leave the TV exposed.

But in many cases, these small TV stands tend to be less expensive and smaller in size and in spite of the fact that the TV is out in the open, the visual appeal is quite astounding when combined with the right media chest. These small TV stands are also a budget-friendly solution if you find that TV armoires are out of your price range.

Other differences are that media chests provide space for media equipment which can keep clutter at bay. Store your DVD player, DVR, CD player, DVDs and CDs for an organized approach.

TV Armoires

TV Armoires for Small Spaces You not only can use TV armoires to hide all media equipment behind closed doors, these small TV stands also serve another function, depending on which one you get.

It lets you combine two options in one. Combine a wardrobe with a dresser and you have a TV armoire.

These options work wonderfully for clearing clutter and hiding items you don't want seen. You can also use it in a bedroom where you want to eliminate the need for an extra piece of furniture hogging up floor space.

TV armoires are universal and work well in many rooms in the home. Not just bedrooms. Try guest rooms, living rooms, lofts and studio apartments. Use the top area to store your TV and the bottom drawers to store clothing.

Make use of these small TV stands in guest rooms by offering your guests storage drawers for their clothing while they enjoy their extended stay at your home.

TV Frames

TV Frames for Small Spaces What to do you get when you combine a TV with a picture frame. Decorative TV frames. That's right...

When you want to hang your TV on a wall and have it look good while doing it, decorative TV frames are the way to go.

These small TV stands work perfectly when the idea of a plain wall doesn't appeal to you and you like the thought of your TV imitating the look and feel of an elegantly-styled photo on the wall.

Hang them on your wall above a media console (see below) and you'll find the visual effects astounding. Visitors and overnight guests are bound to start talking about it.

TV Wall Cabinets

TV Wall Cabinets for Small Spaces Other decorative ways to hang your TV on a wall also include using a wall hung TV cabinet.

However, keep in mind that many TV wall cabinets require you to also purchase a TV mount in order to hang the TV up first and then mount the cabinet on the wall over the TV. This is especially true if the TV is quite heavy.

TV cabinets are ideal if you don't like the idea of your TV being on display. These small TV stands allow you to hide your TV behind a beautiful cabinet.

Many of these cabinets are deep enough to place a few decorative accessories on top. Try displaying a few knickknacks, family photos or other accessories that will contribute to the overall look and feel of your room.

TV Lift Cabinets

TV Lift Cabinets for Small Spaces Now you see it, now you don't. TV stands with plasma lifts offer you a discreet and unique way to watch television and hide your TV any time you like.

These small TV stands operate via remote control, so that whenever you want to watch TV, all you have to do is simply press a button and up comes the TV.

These cabinets also store and hide media equipment, so that everything looks clutter-free.

You can even go so far as to place decorative items on top of the cabinet, but if you do so, remember to pull them off before you're ready to watch TV. Otherwise, you risk the lift knocking everything off and breaking your precious items in the process.
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