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Finding small workbenches can be a big problem. Especially if the work area or workshop you have is small and you need something that won't hog up too much space but will be functional enough to cater to your specific needs.

The good news is they're out there, and there are a variety of choices to choose from.

Consider wall-mounted, portable, folding and rolling workbenches--all possible solutions to your space saving needs.

Wall-Mounted Workbenches

Small Workbenches The wall-mounted workbench is a collapsible option with a space saving design that will suit your needs if floor space is at a minimum and if you need an option that will only take up space temporarily.

Pull the table open when needed and fold it back down to its compact size when not in use.

Generally they take up only a few inches of wall space, so the benefits are numerous when space is tight.

Store must-have tools on the accompanied wall system so that they're ready and available when you need them.

Folding Workbenches

Small Workbenches If wall-mounted options are out of the question but you still want something foldable, yet stationary, another great choice is a folding workbench.

Folding workbenches can be positioned in your workshop wherever you like.

You can place the table against a wall so when that table top folds down it only takes up a minimum amount of floor and wall space.

This will allow you to make use of that extra space for other projects while having the use of a fully functional workbench at the same time.

Portable Workbenches

Small Workbenches Portable workbenches come in a variety of designs and are perfect when you need a small or medium-sized work option that will fold down to a compact size that's easy to carry.

These small workbenches are ideal for traveling or home use, depending on your interest. If you like to change locations around your home, also consider this as a plus when using a portable workbench.

One day you can work inside, another day outside. Just be certain to note if your workbench is whether resistant or not. If it isn't, be certain to avoid taking it outside during harsh weather conditions or rainy days.

If you get bored, you can also use the portable workbench to switch rooms from day to day. Whatever the case, portable workbenches can be a lifesaver for the spontaneous soul or a person on the go.

Ultimately, you'll also find that these small workbenches are light enough to hang on a wall which makes them easy to store. Store them in a closet, under a bed or behind a large piece of furniture, such as a sofa.

Rolling Workbenches

Small Workbenches Rolling workbenches essentially save you space by allowing you the option of mobility. Rolling workbenches can come in handy, if say, you have space in a specific location but prefer to work elsewhere.

You'll be able to then store your rolling workbench in one room, such as a utility closet or bedroom, and then move it to another location, like the garage, where you might prefer to work.

Like the portable workbench, using a rolling workbench outdoors is also a convenient option. However, some rolling workbenches aren't weather-proof so you may need to avoid harsh weather or rainy days if working outdoors is your forte.
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