Solutions on Small Workshops for Small Spaces

Many men refer to their small workshops and garages as their 'man caves.' This is because these spaces are supposed to be considered off limits to the woman in their life.

Well, I hate to tell you this, but with today's women they make as much use of these areas as any man.

Women are putting off marriage and having children until they have their careers are well established. What this means is that the ladies are learning to make basic improvements around the home on their own.

It involves the use of certain tools that they have learned to handle. If managing the task on their own is a bit difficult, a power tool does the work for them.


Small Workshops for Small Spaces In small workshops, workbenches are typically the place where an assorted number of tools are kept. A few basics items are nice to keep inside the home to prevent going back and forth for a hammer or a screwdriver which are often the most needed of all tools. That being said, a workbench is a series of drawers that will hold all the tools you need.

It is surprising how quickly tools can multiply as you purchase the items you need to do household repairs. The workbench is home to hammers of every kind, screwdrivers with a variety of tips and battery powered tools such as a drill. To save space opt for compact and wall-mountable workbenches. Also try and locate tools that have all-in-one features.

Screwdrivers, for instance, come with various bits hidden away in the handle. All you need do is take out the bit you need and slip it into the end of the tool.

Drill bits can easily get lost in a drawer, so keep them inside a holder or place a magnetic strip on the wall above the bench. These strips will make an easy chore of holding drill bits and any other item that can be held by a magnet.

These are but a few basic ideas in regard to a small workshop. There are many more space savings devices that can be put to use to make your work area a pleasure to be in.

Ladders & Step Stools

Small Workshops for Small Spaces Ladders and step stools can serve any number of tasks.

These small workshop pieces are just the right height for reaching those areas that are just a little too much out of reach. There uses are many both inside and outside the home.

Convertible dual-functioning options exist so that you can save space and get the job done at the same time.

Step stools are lightweight and a breeze to carry. They are good for washing windows--getting to the top of storage cabinets for those hidden away items and even leaning over the car to wash those hard to reach places.

With ladders, unless they are exceptionally long, ladders that are made of aluminum are really not that heavy and the weight can easily be borne by the feminine gender.

Some ladders can get in the way of fluid movement around the room. The right size hooks placed up on the wall of your workspace will keep the ladder handy but completely out of the way when not being used. It will save precious space that is needed for other things, like the car.

These small workshop tools are an excellent helpmate for any painting task when getting to the top of the wall is just out of reach.