Solutions on Bathroom Sinks for Small Spaces

Space saving bathroom sinks are all the rage right now and even people with adequate room are opting to use them.

So, if you are considering remodeling your bathroom to make your tiny bath appear like it has much more room than it actually does, you have a number of options open to you when it comes to choosing the sink.

Still, if room is scarce, this discussion will point out the ones that are among the good choices for small spaces.

All of these space saving bathroom sinks have their advantages and whatever choice you go with will be based highly on personal preference.

Self-Supported Sinks

Self-supported sinks are often the ideal solution for small bathrooms and don't require an additional purchase of a vanity cabinet in order for you to use them. However, it's a good idea to note that some Bathroom Sinks for Small Spaces may need to be mounted to the wall in order to be self-supporting.

Corner Sinks

Space Saving Bathroom Sinks Here is a rather unique idea for placing a sink when wall space is really limited.

As their name implies wall-mounted basins are styled so that two sides fit snugly into a corner. They put wasted space to good use and open up a lot of floor space in the process.

These highly functional units come as a pedestal sinks as well as wall-mounted corner units. These are perfect for bathrooms that are extremely small in which every inch of space counts.

Pedestal Sinks

Space Saving Bathroom Sinks Pedestal sinks have a charm that's difficult to beat. When it comes to Bathroom Sinks for Small Spaces, this sinks are at the top of the list.

They're freestanding units that are built as one piece for easy installation. The pedestal is what hides the water lines from view while taking up very little floor space.

Although not the most stylish of choices, these sinks provide much needed function and add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Wall-Mounted Sinks

Space Saving Bathroom Sinks Wall-mounted sinks hold their own up against pedestal models as the most space saving of all the units you will find discussed here.

Sizes will vary to suit your taste. Maximize the area of the room with these Bathroom Sinks for Small Spaces. This style will allow for the plumbing to be seen but there are a number of ways to deal with this problem.

However, you can hide clutter by attaching a skirt to the exterior of the sink. Toiletries can be hidden from view and the skirt can be taken off for washing as needed.

It is entirely up to you how you wish to camouflage the pipes while others simply leave them open to view.

Console Sinks

Space Saving Bathroom Sinks Console sinks stand on two legs, whereas pedestal sinks stand on one. Console sinks are typically a little wider than pedestal sinks and tend to offer more countertop space than pedestal sinks.

However, don't let this fool you. Although some these Bathroom Sinks for Small Spaces take up a little more space, they still also save a substantial amount of room in the process.

And keep in mind that not all console sinks take up more room, just some of the sinks do. Others range around the same size as pedestal and the only differing factor is the legs of the sink.

You can choose a basic console sink or opt for one that provides some storage space. Since the storage space is built into the console vertically, you'll find that it doesn't take up any additional space to choose one that includes shelving or a storage drawer, so that you can stow away a few supplies that might otherwise clutter up your bathroom.

Vanity-Supported Sinks

Vanity-supported sinks are typically Bathroom Sinks for Small Spaces that require an additional purchase of a vanity cabinet in order to be used. And the defining factor between each sink below is a matter of style and preference.

When it comes to vanity-supported sinks, how much space you save in your bathroom will be the direct result of the type of vanity cabinet you decide to go with rather than the sink itself.

However, before you purchase a sink, it's a good idea to find a vanity first since many vanity cabinets include sinks. In many cases you may want to use the sink that goes with it. If not, or if one is not included, then it's a good idea to shop for sinks as well.

Vessel Sinks

Space Saving Bathroom Sinks Vessel sinks are very attractive units that take up a bit more space because they have to sit on top of a vanity.

However, if you choose the appropriate vanity for your small bathroom, you can still save plenty of space and add a touch of class by use of the vessel sink.

In many cases, simply opting for a modular, corner or wall-hung vanity cabinet will be all you need to do to spruce up your bathroom and reduce bulky features. However, keep in mind that a vanity that's a little bulkier isn't always bad either.

For instance, storage vanities clearly provide an essential need. They offer you plenty of space to store items that may otherwise clutter up the bathroom. So something a little larger may be well worth the loss of a little bit more space since you gain it back in function.

Vanity-Top Sinks

Space Saving Bathroom Sinks Vanity-top sinks are pretty much self-explanatory. They're simply a sink and vanity countertop combined. Typically with a true vanity-top sink, you can't separate one from the other as it's one solid piece.

However, some retailers will sell them as two pieces (the sink, a.k.a. basin, and the countertop) which may be separated from each other but purchased as one item.

In any case, when you're shopping for a vanity-top sink, it typically means at some point you'll also be shopping for a vanity cabinet.

Take special care that the vanity-top you're buying will fit correctly with the cabinet of your choice if they are not from the same collection or manufacturer.

Countertop Sinks

Space Saving Bathroom Sinks Countertop sinks include drop-in sinks and semi-recessed sinks. A drop-in sink, also known as a self-rimming sink is when the rim or edge of the sink sits above the countertop.

Semi-recessed sinks are sinks in which the front part of the sink sits along the edge of the surface mount. For the small home, semi-recessed sinks can provide a simplistic solution if the right choice is chosen.

However, keep in mind that despite the fact that there is a difference, some retailers may use the names interchangeably.

Undermount Sinks

Space Saving Bathroom Sinks Undermount sinks, also known as under-counter sinks. These Bathroom Sinks for Small Spaces are very similar to countertop sinks with the differing factor being that the rim or edge of the basin does not rest above the countertop.

Whatever choice you go with may be somewhat dependant on the style you have chosen for your bathroom, but regardless of what style basin you go with each option will add beauty to any decor.

In the end all you need to do is take your time and figure out which one you like best.
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