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Looking for tables for small hallways? That's understandble. When taking up residence in a small home or apartment, just about everything will have to be scaled down to fit.

One of these areas is the hallway. Generally much narrower than a hallway in a large home, it is a bit more difficult to give it a welcoming and uncluttered appearance.

However, I've come up with a list of tables for small hallways that work wonders in small homes. Feel free to take advantage of the following suggestions and make your entryway more inviting.

Wall-Mounted Entrway Shelves

Tables for Small Hallways Wall-mounted entryway shelves are often mounted high on a wall to create a place for hanging coat, jackets, sweaters and of the like. However, one really smart tactic is easily ignored.

Mounting these lower on the wall. This is a great suggestion straight from Martha Stewart (see photo), in which you mount a entryway shelf lower on the wall to serve as a table. From there you can place a picture, bulletin board above it or mirror above it to create symmetry.

Surprisingly the top of these shelves are the same depth as standard sofa table so you'll find you're not losing out on surface space.

Given that fact, the top of the table can be decorated with flowers or a small lamp, while the cubbies can hold baskets and inside the baskets you can place things like keys and mail to keep clutter out of sight. Instead of hanging coats, backpacks can be hung on the coat hooks for easy storage. Beneath the table you can store shoes in a bench or boot tray.

From there you may still have to create coat hanging space with a few wall-mounted coat hooks. Or if your home already comes with a coat closet, then a coat rack won't be necessary.

Corner Tables

Tables for Small Hallways When you do not have the space for a conventional-sized table, a corner table is exactly what you need.

When space is at a minimum, the corner table can fit snuggly up against the wall on two sides taking up unused space and allowing for more open floor space.

Available in a myriad of sizes there is one made to fit the needs of the small home or apartment. They are endlessly functional in many areas of the home.

As an accent piece next to a sofa or chair, a place to hold a lamp in the bedroom, or add a touch of class to a small hallway the corner table has an endless list of uses.

Console Tables

Tables for Small Hallways The sofa or console table, as it is also known is one that is about the same height as the sofa. It makes an excellent backdrop when using it to display photos or other treasured items that you wish to display.

When making use of this style of furniture in smaller areas be careful of the depth of the table. If it is too big, it could push your sofa much too far into your hallway, taking up precious space.

Add a few drawers or shelves and they will add much needed storage space to any area.
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