Tie Racks for Closets and Bedrooms

Tie racks for closets offer various space saving solutions for men, depending on the number of ties and other accessories you have. You'll find that many are built to endure years of servitude.

We know that one defining accessory for a man is the tie, which, when wrinkled or creased, can break a first impression as quickly as unpolished shoes.

Since it's understandable that men also face problems with organizing their various accessories, a good list of space-efficient tie racks is invaluable. So, to help you out I've provided a small list below to make your search for the perfect tie rack effortless.

Wall-Mounted Tie Racks

Tie Racks for Small Bedrooms Wall-mounted tie racks are great tie racks for closets and small bedrooms. They can be mounted inside your closet, on a wall in your bedroom beside your closet or anywhere else you deem suitable.

They save a lot of space by being relatively obscure. The ease of use with wall-mounted tie racks are they provide an at-a-glance view, so choosing and obtaining the right tie for the day will be a simple and easy task.

Additionally, you'll find that wall-mounted tie racks work great if you enjoy taking time out to organize your ties by color, day or pattern.

Closet Tie Racks

Tie Racks for Small Bedrooms Closet tie racks, needless to say, are the perfect tie racks for closets.

With these tie racks you can instantly create order among your ties. The biggest advantage of closet tie racks, besides hiding your ties out of sight, is the minimum amount of space they take up inside your closet next to other clothing.

From there you can opt to organize your ties any way you want. If you have a large selection of ties, it may serve you well to purchase several tie hangers to accommodate the lot.

Over-the Door Tie Racks

Tie Racks for Small Bedrooms Over-the-door tie racks make it easy to turn your door into a tie rack organizer. And if you have the room, also feel free to hang your belts alongside your ties.

Fastidious men will find over-the-door tie racks very handy when they want to keep everything organized. Ties can be arranged neatly by category, with matching accessories placed from left to right.

Also keep in mind that many wall-mounted tie racks can easily mount to the back of a door if the option you're looking for isn't to your liking. The trick is to find one that's narrow enough to hang on the back of the door so that it doesn't damage the wall behind it.

So, if this idea appeals to you, be certain to measure the distance between your wall and door when the door is open. That will give you a good idea regarding how deep the tie rack should be if you plan to mount it on the back of your door.

Freestanding Tie Racks

Tie Racks for Small Bedrooms The advantage with freestanding tie racks is no bending or stooping as you look for your ties. This is also a great option if you have a ridiculous amount of ties that you want to cram into a small area.

The approach you should take when organizing your ties is placing the most-used ties in the front and the least-used ties in the back, so you won't be reaching in the back to get the ties you like to wear most often.

Regarding the tie rack itself, it's a good idea to consider where you plan to place your tie rack. Expect that it might look a little industrial. So, if you plan to purchase a freestanding tie rack, function will need to be your primary interest, whereas beautification will need to be secondary.

Take a look at the freestanding tie rack of interest and ask yourself whether you think it would look "decent enough" where you plan to place it? If you can live with the answer, then getting one shouldn't be a problem.

If you happen to have a walk-in closet these are great tie racks for closets and look and feel of your tie rack won't be important. If no walk-in closet is available, the above rule should apply.
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