Wall Hung TV Frames and Cabinets for Small Spaces

Small space wall hung TV cabinets and frames are a great asset to most small rooms when you're interested in a gorgeous way to disguise your TV and complement your decor.

Since flat TVs are now a part of everyday life and culture, how you choose to place your flat screen TV in your home is a vital part of beautifying a small space.

Technology and art has now caught up to the needs of consumers in smaller homes. Take a look at the inventive options that will help you save space and make your TV look beautiful while doing so.

TV Frames

TV Frames and TV Cabinets for Small Spaces TV frames are the most simplistic option in which you have a frame added to your TV, much like you would a picture.

These frames can serve double-duty by including a see-through TV frame mirror or TV art covers. Both are capable of disguising the TV and performing other functions when it's not in use.

Just like implied, a TV frame mirror will act as a mirror when the TV is not being used and a TV art cover will act as a hanging wall art when you're not watching television.

TV frames and mirrors work well in small homes as a perfect way to hide your TV out in the open and as well as take advantage of an additional function.

This option is ideal if you don't have additional media equipment to deal with. Smart TVs and/or other digital-based solutions integrated within the TV will go hand and hand with TV frames.

TV Wall Cabinets

TV Frames and TV Cabinets for Small Spaces TV wall cabinets are an alternative solution to TV frames and can provide a practical compartment for media equipment and conceal everything behind closed doors, creating a visually stunning look and feel and beautifying your home even more.

These items mount on the wall and may or may not require additional mounting of your TV on the wall within the wall cabinet.

Though some wall cabinets do provide additional space for media components, such as a DVD or DVR player and/or set box top, some don't.

So look carefully when choosing to make sure that if disguising all of your items behind closed doors is essential to you, that you get everything you're looking for to accomplish the task.

TV Wall Mounts

TV Frames and TV Cabinets for Small Spaces TV wall mounts are another simple solution, similar to TV frames. They show off your TV by offering a background panel that mounts to the wall and then allows you to mount your TV to the panel.

This makes the mounting process much easier if you like to keep things hassle-free. In addition, you're able to have a decorative background design that adds to the decor of your home.

However, if you have additional media components, it's up to you to decide where to place them, which may mean you'll require an additional mounting solution for your media equipment.

Again, digital-friendly options that have apps included inside the TV such as Smart TVs may make this process much more user-friendly.

Wall-Mounted Entertainment Centers

TV Frames and TV Cabinets for Small Spaces Wall-mounted entertainment centers are an expanded version of TV wall mounts, in which your entertainment center allows you to mount your TV directly to it.

Some entertainment centers are freestanding and some are wall-mountable, in and of themselves.

However, both options allow you to mount your TV directly to the entertainment center itself. Or in other cases, they allow you to station the TV directly on top of the entertainment center, giving you the option to forgo the need to mount the TV directly to a wall.

These wall hung media units can minimize a lot of hassle and keep things simple, especially in homes in which mounting heavy objects directly to the wall is either forbidden or something you'd like to avoid.

Wall-Mounted TV Stands and Shelves

TV Frames and TV Cabinets for Small Spaces Wall TV stands and shelves mount to the wall and from there your goal is to simply place the TV on top.

The idea here is to create a simple and effective way to display your TV while offering you a decent amount of room to store other supplies like DVD and DVR players and potentially DVDs as well.

These mounting options are meant to replace conventional TV stands and free up additional space on your floor so that you can make room to place other pieces of furniture there instead.

Another potential solution is that they can be used as an alternative when you've run out of floor space and have no room for a floor model TV stand.
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