TV Media Chests for Small Bedroom Spaces and More

Small spaces thrive on double-duty furniture that consolidates multiple functions by various pieces of furniture into one piece. Media chests are no different.

They're the perfect solution for many rooms in a small space home.

However, if you're not clear on the deeper understanding what a media chest is, simply put, they're a hybrid between dressers and TV stands.

Take both pieces of furniture and put them together and you've got a media chest--a convenient piece of furniture that can save you a load of space by housing your TV and storing your clothes.

Opt for this choice if you can't afford the room for a TV and dresser separately.

Standard Media Chests

TV Media Chests for Small Bedroom Spaces For your home, you'll find that media chests can provide you with a substantial amount of benefits. TV media chests work well in just about any room in which you need a TV stand and extra storage space.

Consider using a media chest in the living room for your television and to store extra items around living room that may run wild and create a lot of clutter.

In your home office, media chest storage space can assist in storing additional office supplies and in a studio apartment, a media chest can store one or more roommates clothing.

So although these items are typically associated with bedrooms, they are flexible enough to serve most, if not all rooms, well.

TV Armoires

TV Media Chests for Small Bedroom Spaces TV Armoires are another similar solution to media chests. However, with these pieces of furniture, the main attention is given to the TV.

Rather than the TV being placed on top, instead it's placed inside the armoire and concealed, thereby giving you a clean, vivid look and feel as a result.

Yet, the downside to comparing TV armoires to media chests is that oftentimes the pieces are bigger and take up more space and less room is given to clothes storage in favor of providing space for a television.

But you do get rare pieces now and again that provide you with equal benefits of clothes and TV storage if an ample amount of both is needed.

TV Stands with Armoires

TV Media Chests for Small Bedroom Spaces Although TV stands with armoires and TV armoires are very similar, they're not exactly alike.

TV armoires tend to hide the TV inside the armoire in order to create a clean and prestigious look and feel.

However, TV stands with armoires are just like media chests, the TV sits exposed on top of the armoire while the storage compartments below, such as drawers and wardrobe space, are for clothing. Unlike the TV, the clothing remains concealed behind, invisible to onlookers.

Depending on your needs and specifications, TV stands with armoires and TV armoires work wonderfully. Small space bedrooms that need additional hanging space may require a TV stand with an armoire more than other locations in the home.

However, any room that's in need of an additional closet and dresser will work well with this option.

Rolling Media Chests

TV Media Chests for Small Bedroom Spaces If mobility is important to you, rolling media chests will fit the bill.

Though a scarce option, few do exist and can be easily moved from one location to the other. This may be an ideal solution if you see yourself having to relocate your TV from one part of the room to another or one part of your home to another more than the average person.

Unlike standard media chests, you likely won't receive an unconditional amount of storage space, which is a fair enough trade-off for mobility.

How much space is supplied depends heavily on which option you get. At minimum, you'll usually have at least two drawers available to store clothing or other necessities.
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