Very Narrow Console Tables for Small Hallways

Narrow Sofa Tables For small homes, when space is exceptionally tight, very narrow console tables for small hallways can literally be a lifesaver.

Although, not exceptionally large in and of itself, a regular sized console table can be too bulky for tinier homes where every inch of space counts.

The amount of space between regular sized console tables, thinner options and extremely narrow choices differ by a few inches, but vital inches.

Take note of the comparative chart below to get an idea of which console table will work best in your small space:

Console Tables
Console Tables
Very Narrow
Console Tables
15-16 in. 11-13 in. 9-10 in.
As you can see, standard sized options range around 15-16 inches deep, thinner options, 11-13 inches deep and extremely narrow options fall around 9-10 inches deep.

Although the length of the table also may be important, it may not be as important as the depth. And it's not uncommon to find most console tables fall within a standard range of 28-36 inches wide. Longer and shorter options also exist, of course.

What You Need to Know About Very Narrow Console Tables

Although narrow console tables are ideal in small homes, be mindful that they are often lighter than their larger counterparts and many have a tendency to be a little less sturdy.
Some other really important things to keep in mind are...
  • If it's wobbly or a little tipsy use a little caution in high traffic areas where household members have a tendency to bump into furniture.
  • Weight from objects placed on top may help anchor the table down, but lighter options may never be quite as sturdy as larger, heavier choices.
  • It may mean that you can't station quite as many items on top but if space is tight, better to have something to work with than nothing at all.
Regardless of these creatures being pretty slim, the limitations on what you can place on top of them aren't that vast.

Store Small Items to Reduce Clutter

Very Narrow Depth Console Tables for Hallways Take advantage of a narrow console table with shelving and drawer space. This extra shelving space makes use of space that otherwise would go neglected.

Accent items can be added below and items prone to clutter up your home can be placed inside any included drawers.

If your entryway calls for additional lighting, when placing a lamp on top, keep in mind that since you're dealing with a narrow table, the base of the lamp can't be too bulky, otherwise it will be too large to place on top of the table.

Many lamps have slim bases, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find one that fits.

Complement Your Table with a Mirror

Very Narrow Depth Console Tables for Hallways Once you place your narrow console table in your small entryway or hallway, a great way to decorate this little table is to add a mirror above it.

This will not only beautify your area, but it will also open up space and makes your area look a little larger than it really is by reflecting light and reflecting other areas in your home.

Affordable mirror selections can often be purchased at your local Hobby Lobby or Big Lots. Both tend to have a nice selection of mirrors that don't break your budget. You can open up space even more by adding a lamp on top to recess the shadows.

Other decorative accent pieces worth considering are water fountains and plants.

Upon entering your home, it may have a calming effect on guests as well as make for a great conversational piece.

Create a Focal Point with Spotlights

Very Narrow Depth Console Tables for Hallways If a mirror isn't quite want you're looking for, another way to capture attention is to hang a colorful picture above your tall narrow console table and add a picture light above it.

You can opt for a cordless picture light if cords will complicate your clean look and feel.

If a picture light is out of the question, a spotlight might be a good alternative.

Lamps may work just the same. Affordable art pictures can be purchased at Deals, Hobby Lobby and Big Lots. All tend to have a great selection of artwork that's really budget-friendly.

However, aim for Deals and Big Lots first as they're for the extremely budget-minded.

Assign Your Table Additional Functions

Very Narrow Depth Console Tables for Hallways If placing a modern narrow console table in your entryway or hallway won't do the trick, the table can meet various other demands.

Use it as a sofa table, but mind the weight of the console table since some narrow console tables are easier to tip over since they are not quite as deep as others.

Adding something that's a little heavy on top may balance the weight out. These tables also work well as plant stands or TV stands if your TV is of medium to smaller size.

It's great to remember any other uses they may have should you later decide to rearrange furniture in your home in the future and want to assign another function to the table.
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