Small Space Wall-Mounted Computer Workstation Solutions

If a desk is a must-have, but you don't have room for a standard desk, wall-mounted computer workstations are a great alternative.

They conserve floor space and allow you to designate compact and narrow areas as your small home office.

You have a couple of great wall-mounted computer stations to choose from...

Wall-Mounted Storage with Desk

Wall-Mounted Storage with Desk Wall-mounted storage desks are ideal for both laptops and desktops. If you can afford the permanent space, you can designate any wall in your home a small home office area.

This minimalist option works great in modern studio apartments and lofts. Shelves a small library of books to take care of your storage needs.

The desk has enough space in which it can serve as both a writing and computing desk. With the extra storage space, you can easily house other smaller office supplies in addition to your books.

Wall-Mounted Fold-Down Laptop Desks

Wall-Mounted Fold-Down Laptop Desk Wall-mounted fold-down laptop desks are ideal for small homes that can provide temporary, but not permanent, office space. These desks fold down to create an instant office and work with laptops and other mobile devices.

Wall-mounted fold down laptop desks can also be used as writing desks if you don't need a lot of space to accomplish your tasks.

These work great in small spaces, such as studio apartments and lofts, but any home in which space is condensed will thrive from a convertible option. Assign these to small narrow areas in your home that won't work with other small wall desk options.

Fold it back up when you're done and you're space is free once again to use however you wish. Combine these with folding chair and you're good to go.

Wall-Mounted Laptop Shelf

Wall-Mounted Laptop Shelf Wall-mounted laptop shelves work great if you have room to create a temporary or permanent small space home office. However, the goal is to use as little space as possible.

Like wall-mounted fold this option can be assigned other functions if you pair it with a folding chair. It can also be used as a small writing desk if the tasks you need to complete are extremely small.

You can aim for this option as opposed to a convertible solution if you have a less floor space available and prefer to avoid expending energy converting your space into a home office.

Wall-Mounted Floating Office Desks

Wall-Mounted Floating Office Desks Wall-mounted floating office desks are ideal for small spaces that can house wider desk solutions.

These days are great if you hate convertible options and need a generous amount of space (but not too much) to complete your computing and writing tasks.

The minimalist look and feel means these desks are ideal for modern homes. Got a desktop, then a floating wall-mounted desks can also easily station these larger units and monitor with no problem.

Place your CPU on top the desk or below it on the floor. Or jump on the all-in-one bandwagon and go CPU-free.

Wall-Mounted Desk and Shelves

Wall-Mounted Desk and Shelves Wall-mounted desk and shelves are ideal if you need a complete home office solution. This office kit takes advantage of vertical space and builds upward.

Although this home office workstation saves floor space, it requires you to designate a specific area as your home office.

The space will be used permanently and all of your office supplies can be placed here. Just be prepared to use an entire wall. However, if the advantages you gain outweigh the losses, then you're good to go.

Wall-Mounted Corner Desks

Wall-Mounted Corner Desks Wall-mounted corner desks are the go-to option if standard wall space isn't available. These desks save the day by allowing you to make use of a free corner that's up for dibs.

They are a perfect fit for both laptops and desktops. Since these desks make use of a corner, writing tasks can be completed, but with a limited amount of space. You can make use of a the internal storage area for books and other office supplies.

If your corner desk will function as both a computer and writing desk, it will work well with laptops and other mobile devices.

However, if you opt to place a desktop here, your keyboard will need to be relocated before writing tasks can be effectively completed.

Lastly, use a folding chair if you need to free up floor space when you're not "in office."