Wall-Mount Paper Towel Holders and Alternative Solutions

Are paper towels piling up in the closet? If you do not have a suitable place to put them it can easily happen.

Paper towels are likely to be a purchase that is made in every household.

Finding convenient places to put them for daily use is not the problem you may think it is.

Over-the-Door Paper Towel Holders

Wall-Mounted Paper Tower Organizers When you have a brand new kitchen, whether it is small or not, the thought of drilling holes in the wood is not one that most will care to contemplate.

Still. If you regularly use paper towels, they need to be out where access to them is easily done.

The over-the-door paper towel organizer has to be on your list of possibilities One of the easiest to install, these holders simply hang over a cabinet door or even a drawer.

If the drawer placement is desired, try and find a drawer that is a bit out of the way. Otherwise, you will find yourself constantly bumping into it.

Under-Cabinet Paper Towel Holders

Wall-Mounted Paper Tower Organizers If your counter space is so cramped that your options are limited, an under-cabinet paper towel holder can produce the results you desire.

It does require installation but it will be a labor of love. Once installed, the paper towel holder is not only attractive but handy when heeded, and not a square inch of countertop is used up.

Lovely to look at, it will surely catch the eye of a friend. In no time at all, you will be using this holder as if it had always been there.

What are you waiting for, get yours today and see how nicely it fits in with whatever your kitchen happens to be.

Freestanding Paper Towel Holders

Wall-Mounted Paper Tower Organizers Freestanding paper towel holders are just that--freestanding. You don't need any tools to install it and it will not scratch the surface of your counter.

It is short enough in stature to be placed under your cabinets and out of the way when not in use.

Yet, when cooking or preparing a meal and the unexpected spill occurs, simply grab a towel and the mess is gone in no time. There is no running to another area of the room while the spill runs over onto the floor because this handy little gadget can be placed where you need it and be there when you need it.

This holder is definitely one that should be considered not just for its unique design but for its usefulness.

Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holders

Wall-Mounted Paper Tower Organizers A paper towel holder is an item that is made to fit the desires of the homeowner.

While some prefer not to install one permanently, others wish to keep them unattached. This particular holder is one that is mounted to the surface that you desire.

It is a permanent placement so be sure and find what you feel will be the perfect spot for it before you begin drilling holes.

Once installed, it will surprise you with its ease of use. Even the hardest tug when you are in a rush will not budge it when you are in a hurry to catch a spill. For a few pennies more than some cheaper models, you can have a unit that can be placed under your cabinet or any place on the wall. Satisfaction is guaranteed in both quality and satisfaction.

Paper Towel Curios

Wall-Mounted Paper Tower Organizers When your home is so small that you are always looking for ways to provide more room, a paper towel curios could easily provide you with a satisfactory solution. Typically things like saran wrap or wax paper boxes are piled inside of a drawer. Forget that concept and try this on for size; a paper towel holder that has more than one use.

Two of the three rods are separated for the specific purpose of holding any kind of food wrap that you desire.

That empties up precious drawer or cupboard space for other uses. If you are not a consistent user of paper towels the bottom of this unit can hold a towel.

Three uses in one is the small home dwellers dream come true. The problem you might have with this unit is exactly where you wish to place it.

Magnetic Paper Towel Holders

Wall-Mounted Paper Tower Organizers Give a small homeowner an idea and they will take it as far as it will go. This free standing paper towel holder does a couple of different things.

It does not leave drilled holes in your cabinetry and it uses very little counter space. If you are wondering how this can be, just think up rather than across.

This holder keeps your paper towels in a vertical rather than horizontal position. It takes up no more room than the bottom end of a roll.

Towel replacement is a snap because you can take off the empty tube with a slight lift and replace it with a new one. Highly functional and space saving. Now that I can live with.